Download & print Forms

In order to save time when you come to your appointment, you may print out and complete the registration forms ahead of time. Or, if you prefer, you can just complete the paperwork at the time that you arrive for your appointment.  

Neuropsychology Evaluation

  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Privacy Practices Acknowledgement
  • Consent for Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Release of Health Information
  • Registration

New Psychotherapy Patients

  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Privacy Practices Acknowledgement
  • Informed Consent for Psychotherapy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Registration

Individual Forms

Registration Form

This form includes some basic information about you.

Release of Information Form

This form specifies which physicians (or others) you allow us to contact/share information with.  For patients who will have a neuropsychological evaluation, typically you would list the referring physician, and other physicians who would need to know the results (e.g. your primary care physician).

HIPAA policies

This is information about privacy policies for your records (nothing to sign).

HIPAA Acknowledgement Form

This is a document confirming that you have been given the above HIPAA policies.

Consent Form (for neuropsychological testing)

This document provides informed consent for neuropsychological testing.

Consent FOrm (for psychotherapy)

This document provides informed consent for psychotherapy.

Social Media Policy

This document provides information about my social media policy.


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